Gorgeous Portraits

This post is a bit of a two-fer: you get two great photography recommendations for the price of one. That’s because it’s both a link to a simple collection of gorgeous black & white portraits from photographer Nelli Palomaki, as well as an endorsement for the blog that introduced us to her work. Simple, timeless and striking, these portraits of children are inspiring for their sheer beauty. If you are at all interested in portrait photography, this series is a must-see. As for the blog that brought her work to us, it’s Jorg Colberg’s Conscientious photo blog. Jorg stays on the cutting edge of contemporary fine art photography from around the world. With book reviews, show critiques, and simply pointing out the works of great and largely unknown photographers—much like Ms. Palomaki—Jorg’s blog is an absolute must-read for anyone interested in what’s going on in the world of contemporary photography.


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