Getty And Google Stock Photography Deal

The stock photography world has been almost nothing but bad news for commercial photographers in recent years—unless you’re one of the fortunate few who seem to have figured out how to make a buck with microstock. But last week Getty got into hot water with many photographers by reaching what Rob Haggart of A Photo Editor calls a new low in terms of licensing. Apparently Getty and Google have struck a deal to provide select Getty stock images to Google Drive users at no charge. That’s an audience of more than 400-million users with access to the stock, including the ability to use it for commercial purposes. One photographer reports receiving a flat, one-time payment for the privilege in the amount of $12. It really is a game of quantity in the new stock world. It’s a wonder photographers can survive at all. Is this the future of almost free stock, or a temporary blip on the commercial photographic landscape? Have you been able to earn money from your photography? Has your stock business declined in recent years, or has the democratization of the field meant that you’re now able to supplement your income with stock licensing? If you’ve got experience or an opinion on the matter, I’d love it if you’d chime in below.

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