Get Your Fill Of Photo Backup Geekery

I guess I must be a true photo geek because I could talk about backups all day long. I could sit and listen to people discuss their backup horror stories—both gear they should have had duplicates of and photo files they should have done the same—because I think it serves as inspiration (or at least motivation) for my own methodical, slightly OCD approach to backing up my photo files. There’s a nice article at perfect for those of you looking to start sorting out your backup situation. More than anything, it stresses the importance of integrity—make sure you’ve got a system in place, and make sure it works when you need it. My own backup system, just in case it helps, involves mirrored internal hard drives (for every photo I import), followed by a monthly transfer of those photos from the main hard drive to a secondary external drive, followed by a duplication of those files onto Blu-Ray disks at that same monthly interval, and finally capped off with the delivery of my favorites (or the selects from client-based shoots) to storage on my own little private space in the cloud. I like my backup system—but that could be just because it has yet to let me down. I’m sure now that these words have been written it’s only a matter of time before this system burns me like all others have before. Then I’ll just have to read a little bit more about backup methodologies and geek out on the stuff even more.

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