Gear And Helpful Tips For Great Holiday Photos

The holidays are here. And whether you’re dashing through the snow or strolling quietly through a silent night, it’s a great time of year to capture candids, portraits and video footage to remember those important moments. So, you’ll want to check out our reviews and picks of the best gear as well as tips and tricks to document just who’s been naughty and nice!

To start, check out our Editor’s Choice Archive, which can help you decide which mirrorless, full-frame DSLRAPS-C DSLR, lenses or point-and-shoot you’re looking to buy.

Looking to get the best shot at your holiday gathering? Our website has plenty of great tutorials. For instance, one tip in our Better Holiday Portraits article by William Sawalich suggests, “Use soft lighting to help with shadows.” Your subjects just look better. In another article by Sawalich, he suggests taking time to “Pick The Perfect Location!”

Looking to capture the awe and wonder of a winter landscape? It can be a challenge. But we have you covered: In Meredith Winn’s Winter Wonderland article, see why she says, “a snowy environment is challenging to photograph.” And if you’re going into terrain with extremely cold temperatures, check out Land Of Ice And Snow by Rick Sammon, which provides you with lots of tips, from what clothing to wear to camera settings, lenses and gear to bring along.

And, as always, don’t forget, if you’re heading to a holiday gathering:

— Bring extra batteries. Make sure they’re charged.

— Make sure your external flash has batteries, too.

— Bring extra memory cards. If you have two card slots, use one as a backup.

Also remember, you can take all your holiday photos and stitch them together to create unforgettable slideshows, using apps like Apple iMovie, Adobe Premiere Elements and others. Check out this video I created for my dad with all the photos he shot of my brother and I (as well as our dogs Rusty and Ringo). I even created a twangy soundtrack in Apple Garageband to back it up.  Here’s the video:

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