Fully Charge A Phone In 30 Seconds Flat

A startup called StoreDot has published a video of a new device that uses "nanodots" to fully recharge a smartphone battery in 30 seconds. The prototype is very large and clunky, downright impractical, but the implications of this technology could be huge. If a phone can be charged in just a few seconds, what else can be charged so quickly? What if you could recharge a camera battery in five minutes, or a hot shoe flash in one minute? Heck, what if you could recharge your electric car in ten minutes instead of ten hours? This technology could not only change photography, it could change any technology that relies on batteries—and create whole new ways of powering equipment that currently doesn’t use batteries. Watch the video and read more about nanodots at http://mashable.com/2014/04/08/30-second-battery-charger

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