From Personal Project To PBS Series

As a working photographer I fully understand the importance of "personal projects." You see, once you attach a payment to any activity—even a fun one like photography—it becomes a job. A great job, mind you, and I’m not complaining. But still, sometimes it’s a job, and sometimes you need to re-stimulate your creative energy with personal work. It’s not only where you have the most fun, it’s often where you photograph the most interesting things that find their way into your portfolio, and hopefully lead to more work—work that’s more like your personal projects. A good example is the story of David Friedman. He’s a photographer who left an unfulfilling job to pursue projects of more personal interest. That eventually led to Friedman making portraits of inventors, which led to meeting some very interesting people, which led to interviewing and video recording interviews, which led to his very own television show on PBS. Read more about Friedman’s project—and be sure to watch the interview with the man who invented the "screw-in coffin"—and then be sure to get out there and start your own personal project. You may not land a TV deal, but it’s sure to be fulfilling nonetheless.

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