Frank Lloyd Wright's Photographer

I’m no architecture expert, but I know enough to get me in trouble. And I thought I knew about all of the architectural photographers I should have known, but I was unfortunately unaware of the work of photographer Pedro Guerrero until I learned of his recent passing. It seems that Mr. Guerrero was the unofficial photographer of architect Frank Lloyd Wright. "He told me I should remember he designed his houses from a sitting position," Mr. Guerrero was quoted in The New York Times earlier this year. "He was only three or four inches taller than I was, and he didn’t want bird’s-eye views or worm’s-eye views. He wanted me to photograph a house that he would recognize as being his." After Wright’s death, Mr. Guerrero worked extensively with other world-renowned artists and architects such as Alexander Calder and Philip Johnson, and he continued to produce beautiful photographs of art and architecture that are sure to serve as fitting memorials to the artists who made them, as well for the photographer himself. To see more of Mr. Guerrero’s work, visit his web site at, then be sure to read more about his life at the New York Times.

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