Fortune Cookie Fortunes

The other day I used a photo to illustrate a story I linked to on this blog. The story was about collecting money from a copyright infringer, so I used a picture of my own to illustrate the story. It was a photo of a fortune cookie fortune with money. That gave me the idea to mention to you here that I have a whole series of those photos I’ve been working on. I tend to focus more on what other folks are doing around the web, but why not mention what I’m doing every once in a while too? Anyway, ever since I can remember—for 20 years or so—I’ve saved every fortune cookie fortune I’ve received. They’re stuck to bulletin boards and tucked away in my wallet, filed in desk drawers and scattered around my office. I don’t eat that much Chinese food, but the things have really accumulated over the years. One day last year I finally decided to photograph them. After all, they’re sort of like little meaningful (or ironic, or funny, or just plain weird) inspirational posters—but personalized with wisdom from Confucius or the guy at the fortune cookie factory. So without further ado, here’s a gallery of my fortune cookie photos for your enjoyment, straight from my Etsy store. (If you’ve got a great fortune you’d like me to photograph, just let me know!)

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