Food Photography And Lighting Techniques

I teach a product photography class, and in one lesson we discuss food photography. To that end I recently checked out a new book about food photography, called (appropriately) Food Photography & Lighting by Teri Campbell. Mr. Campbell has 25 years of professional food photography experience, and it shows in this tremendous book. It seems to me that if you’re looking to learn about food photography, this just might be your best bet. Not only does it cover business and practical aspects of professional commercial food photography, a good half of the book is dedicated to nuts and bolts hands-on lighting tips and techniques. And they’re detailed: this light was here, with this modifier, for this particular purpose, and so on. I’m fairly convinced that if a beginning photographer spent enough time with this book they’d become a pretty polished food photographer. I don’t often offer such effusive praise to technical books, but this one’s something special. Best of all, like the best photography tutorials, the principles translate across styles ad apply to many different photographic disciplines.

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