Flowers Or Fireworks?

Just when you think everything’s already been done, along comes a guy like David Johnson to do something totally different. Mr. Johnson started making long exposures of fireworks. But, of course, they don’t look anything like any long exposures of fireworks that I’ve ever seen. I was looking at them and wondering how in the world he achieved such a unique effect—one that in its own way is actually more representative of the true beauty and power of fireworks. And here’s the answer: he simply refocused. He’d start with his composition out of focus—creating the large blurry central area of each explosion—and then he’d click the shutter and refocus in order to bring the explosions into tack sharpness, resulting in a really unique set of fireworks photos. Who knows: this may become the de facto new way to photograph fireworks. What a brilliant, and brilliantly simple, technique. Bravo!

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