Firework Photography Close-Ups

Depending upon where you live (and, of course, assuming that you live somewhere in the United States) the Fourth of July celebration involves fireworks that last between 20 minutes and two weeks. Not official fireworks, mind you, but rather the home-grown kind that are, around here anyway, purchased from roadside stands in rural stretches of interstate highways. These are the kind of fireworks that you have to be careful not to hurt yourself with. They’re firecrackers, and they aren’t typically the type of fireworks you think of photographing. Yet photographer Phil Hammel gets up close and very personal to make interesting macro photographs of spinners, sparklers, jumping jacks and morning glories. He’s close enough, in fact, that he has to protect the camera with a bit of plexiglass. To be clear, I’m not suggesting you try this at home. Phil has clearly figured out a safe way to photograph fireworks, so maybe let him take the risk. You just enjoy his hard work courtesy of the Wired Raw File photo blog. And keep the summer celebration going.

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