Find Your Next Photo Location With ShotHotSpot

I recently discovered a neat web service called It helps you determine which locations are the most popular sites of photographs indexed via geolocation tags. When you’re looking at a Google map you can click the "Photos" option to see still photographs arranged on the map by the location where they were made? Well ShotHotSpot takes that information and, after you input a destination, it will return a map with the most popular photo locations marked, along with some helpful information about the type of photographs commonly made there. In just a few minutes on the site I found a vantage point near a location I know well that I had no idea was the perfect spot for a downtown skyline photo. Based on that quick success, I’m planning to add ShotHotSpot to my regularly consulted bookmarks. I can imagine it would be especially helpful if you’re traveling to a new destination and want to get a leg up on the most popular photo spots; in some cases you may want to flock to them along with everybody else, while in others you may want to avoid the most overused vantage points. What a simple and useful tool.

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