Find The Ideal Time For An African Safari

Are you interested in planning an African photo safari? If so, the folks at Discover Africa outfitters make a strong case that you should travel with them. This year, they’ve introduced a new tool to help make planning safaris easier while ensuring your trip coincides with the biggest event of the season—the migration of the wildebeest herd across the Serengeti and Masai Mara. Discover Africa’s HerdTracker overlays precise migratory information, supplied by spotters and pilots who travel the area weekly, onto an interactive Google map. This makes trip planning better because, for instance, this year the wildebeests’ herd movements suggest the crossing of the River Mara almost a month earlier than usual, so travelers who book during that normally slower time of the summer will actually witness a peak migratory event. To learn more about Discover Africa, and to test out the HerdTracker tool, visit the company’s web site via the link below.

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