Expert Advice On Histograms, Color Spaces And B/W Previews

I’ve long admired John Paul Caponigro as a wonderful photographer, but I didn’t realize he was such a great blogger too. I’ve recently added his blog to my regular routine, and I recommend other folks do the same. To get you started, here are a few of my favorite recent posts from his blog. He has a knack for communicating complex technical issues in a clear and simple way. Know how to use histograms? Even if you do, Mr. Caponigro’s explanation offers a simple and very practical look at how you can use in-camera histograms to improve your exposures. That also applies to his post on color spaces, and how and why you should choose the right profile for your own photography. It’s a simple and easy to understand investigation of a fairly complex issue that really matters to photographers—and that’s what Mr. Caponigro does so well. Lastly, he offers a simple insight for improving compositions that I can really identify with. It’s the suggestion to turn off color previews in your camera in order to see your compositions more clearly in black and white. The camera still captures colorful RAW files, but JPEG previews can be set to display only in black and white—which allows you to concentrate on light and shadow without getting distracted by color. A great and simple workaround for improving compositions, and another example of Mr. Caponigro’s very reasonable approach to making better pictures. 

Color Space:
BW Preview:

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