Expensive Cameras Make You Look Better

That title isn’t pure hyperbole. There’s scientific proof. While I don’t normally find a lot of pertinent scientific studies on the OkCupid dating blog, this time they’ve really come through. They’ve published the results of a fairly in-depth study whereby they aggregated more than 11 million opinions about exactly what makes a great photograph. And you know what? Amusing as it is, the findings really reinforce some actual photographic principles. Things like the fact that using a shallow depth of field tends to create a feeling of intimacy that viewers respond to, or that magic hour light around sunrise and sunset translates directly into the appeal of a photograph. This is great stuff, definitely an amusing read. There should probably be an R rating for a bit of adult language, but then again this is the internet. By comparison it’s rated G. Oh, and one more thing: maybe don’t buy your teenager an iPhone.


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