Embracing Photographic Change

Photo blogger Scott Kelby invites a guest blogger to fill in for him every week, and recently it was photographer Gary S. Chapman. Chapman is a photojournalist turned, well, photojournalist, but he was also a stock photographer in between. These careers don’t really seem to go together, until you hear him explain his path. It used to be that he was a newspaper photographer, until changes in the newspaper business suddenly found him searching for another way to earn a living with his camera. He became a small business owner and created conceptual photographs for the stock industry. Microstock subsequently meant the virtual death of the stock photographer, so these days he puts his documentary skills to use again—not for newspapers, but to aid non-government organizations and non-profit charities to tell their stories in pictures. He’s still serving the public with his camera, just in a different way. You might think that the idea of conceptual stock images and straight up documentary photographs aren’t exactly one and the same, but when you realize that every time you create a photograph what you’re really doing is telling a story, suddenly Mr. Chapman’s career path doesn’t seem quite so odd at all. His is a great story about perseverance, thinking outside the box, and making great storytelling photographs. Check out the Photoshop Insider blog to read Mr. Chapman’s personal story and view a few slideshows he created that illustrate his multifaceted career at its different stages, then head over to his personal blog to read more about what he’s doing with his camera nowadays.


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