Eat Your Way To Great Macro Lighting

Macro photography requires specialized equipment. Beyond the basics of a macro lens, lighting needs to be addressed as well. Why not just use the sun? Well, sometimes you can, but sometimes when you’re up close and personal with a tiny little subject, the camera, lens and your own head combine to make a deep dark shadow that you need to light you way out of. Most folks invest in a ring light for this purpose—a flash that wraps around the front of the lens to provide even illumination for tiny subjects. Some folks don’t want to invest in a ringlight, so they invest in a substitute that turns their standard hot-shoe flash into a pseudo-ringlight—like the Orbis ring. If you’re neither of these types of people, whether you’re a total cheapskate or you get inspired by doing everything yourself from repurposed materials, this is the ideal DIY project for you. First, purchase a can of Pringles potato chips. Then eat all of the contents in one sitting. Then turn the empty can into a hacked together yet surprisingly effective lighting setup for macro photography. Read all about this creation by photographer Steve Kushnir at the DIY Photography blog, then get busy eating and crafting—and making better macro pictures.

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