Easy Color Management In Photoshop

A few weeks back I mentioned how John Paul Caponigro has a wonderful knack for explaining fairly complex post-processing issues in an easy and approachable way. He’s gone and proved me right again with a post I loved, all about navigating the Epson printer driver from within Photoshop. Mr. Caponigro explains that you’ve got three basic approaches to selecting proper printing profiles: let Photoshop manage colors, let the printer manage colors, or let the printer manage a black & white output. It all boils down to making sure you only choose one profile in one place—either the software or the printer. This followed an earlier post on avoiding double profiles, which led me to consider the topic again in the first place. Most printing problems, at least for photographers, come from mistakenly managing color twice. Never fear, Mr. Caponigro is here to help keep you and your prints from harm.


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