DxO Lens And Sensor Tests

I’m intrigued by DxO Labs. The French company tests everything camera related—including, most importantly, image sensors and lenses. I find the lens ratings especially helpful when it comes time to purchase a new lens for my kit, or to rent a lens for an upcoming assignment. Because there’s nothing I hate more than lenses that aren’t unbelievably sharp. And while I can’t personally vouch for the testing methodology or the scientific credentials of the fine Francophones at DxO, I can tell you that they seem to think some of my favorite lenses are pretty sharp, which bodes well. Plus, they’re accepted by many as the resource for sharpness testing of dSLRs. The point is, the next time you’re pondering what lens or camera you might want to try, consider making a stop at dxomark.com to check out their findings. If nothing else it will give you a frame of reference for interpreting the sharpness of the cameras and lenses you’re considering.


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