Double Photographers, Double Exposures

You might not expect a business blog to be a great resource for creative photography, but in fact Fast Company’s design blog is a great place to find all sorts of creative work. To wit, the recent piece on "dueling photographers" who make double exposures on the same roll of film. It’s a tremendously creative project, in which two different photographers expose the same roll of film, and serendipitously create gorgeous double exposure photographs. It reminded me of some partner projects I’ve done with other photographers over the years. Working with another photographer is a great way not only to boost your output, but to get you thinking more creatively as well. Whether that’s giving each other weekly self-assignments, offering open and honest critiques of one another’s work, or swapping a roll of film on which both of you will shoot. There’s lots of value in working with another photographer to improve your own photography.

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