Don't Be An Intellectual Property Hypocrite

We photographers are often hypocrites. Why? Because we scratch and claw and fight to get commercial users to respect our copyrights: if you’re going to "steal" our images for your business use, we’re going to get ticked off about it. We pool our resources to best learn how to protect our intellectual property, but then we become hypocrites when it comes time to use a song in a slideshow or web site—or even just on our own iPods. Those musicians are concerned about protecting their intellectual property rights, too, just as we are. They earn their livings off of their creative endeavors just as we do. Yet we shrug and ignore the connection between our infringing on their copyrights as we simultaneously trumpet the sacred nature of our own. So if you want others to value your intellectual property rights, value the rights of other creators. Read more about another photographer who feels the same way and check out a great copyright public service announcement via the Burns Auto Parts blog.

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