Documenting The Death Of Film

Canadian photographer Robert Burley has been working with film throughout his long photographic career. And lately he has even used the stuff to document the demise of film itself. His photographs depict the end of an era, when film was used to record every event in history and the thought of it ever disappearing was plainly preposterous. That has now given way to digital technologies, but as Burley says in this interview on the CNN photo blog, yesterday’s technology is tomorrow’s next art form. I have so many sad feelings about the death of film. In a way, photography used to be more special, and it was at least in part due to the mysteries of film and chemistry. At one point early in my career I got to be a little more of a scientist. Today I’m much more of a computer programmer. I didn’t want to be a computer programmer. Alas, the world is changing. See more of Burley’s tremendous photographs at CNN’s photo blog.

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