Do you use Flash Benders?

Do you use Flash Benders? They’re the flexible flash light shapers that affix to hot shoe mountable flashes and allow you to create a snoot or a reflector or a flagÖ Basically you can sculpt the dimension and direction of the flash output, and they look like they work simply to create effects that are unquestionably cool. Flash modifiers in general, and these things in particular, are gaining popularity all the time. That kind of makes sense. I’ve always just used a little white card to bounce my flash—which is a necessity when shooting with on camera flash any place indoors (particularly if that place is outfitted with a low white ceiling). I make mine by cutting down the white cardboard inserts from 4×5 film boxes. It’s always been a great way to make use of this otherwise leftover piece of packaging. But now with film becoming less and less popular (I don’t know the last time I shot it), I wonder what I’ll do for a flash card? Maybe I’ll stock up on 4×5 film boxes before it’s too late? Or maybe I’ll just invest in a Flash Bender.

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