Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts

I absolutely love keyboard shortcuts. I’m a Ctrl-A kinda guy; who wants to go to the dropdown menu just to select everything when one quick keystroke does it for you? I’ve got all sorts of speedkeys programmed into my brain that help me navigate through my files and tools quickly and easily. It really does speed up the workflow too, meaning you can spend time on the creative parts of editing and retouching, and not dwell on the menial tasks of opening files, positioning them as you’d like and moving from one to another. I actually have a Ctrl-S compulsion too, and I recommend it to everyone else: each time I pause when working on a file, I automatically hit that key combination to save my work where it is. These tips are all well and good, but did you know that along with pre-programmed shortcut keys you can customize your own unique key combinations to build your own speedkeys in Photoshop? You can even change existing standard presets to work with different key combinations that you prefer. It’s pretty easy, and pretty great, and John Paul Caponigro explains how it works.

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