Could 4×5 Instant Black And White Film Come Back?

Thanks to almost half a million dollars raised via crowd-funding from the web site Kickstarter, Robert Crowley hopes to bring back a long-dead Polaroid black-and-white instant film. Actually, he hopes to improve on the old formula to make his own type of 4×5 black-and-white positive/negative film. Crowley’s New55 is to be better in two ways, according to a balanced exposure across both negative and positive, and less "polatrash," the detritus that often made a portion of the Type 55 frame unusable. According to the Boston Globe article linked below, Crowley’s inspiration came when he read that the Impossible Project (makers of their own Polaroid-style instant pack films) wouldn’t be making large format film. When Crowley blogged about his idea, he received a flood of support—pledges of hundreds of dollars from individuals who simply want to get their hands on some variation of this long-loved black-and-white film. While the 400-plus-thousand dollars pledged via Kickstarter actually only nets Crowley about $365,000, fundraising continues as he approaches his goal to get this New55 film into production. Once the magic funding number is reached, Crowley expects the product to be available in just eight months. Read more in The Boston Globe via the link below, then visit for more information.

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