Correcting White Balance For Multiple Light Sources

I just did a shoot where the color balance was way wacky. First of all, it was dark as night in the room I was shooting. It was mostly low-level tungsten illumination, but there was an occasional and changing fill from an ever-shifting digital projector. The color temperatures combined to make a soup of mixed up colors. I wish I’d known this tip from Digital Photography School about tweaking white balance in Lightroom when working with multiple color temperatures in a single scene. Peter West Carey explains the predicament in a much more common situation—when daylight from windows is mixing with illumination from tungsten or fluorescent bulbs indoors. Peter’s solution is pretty simple, when you think about it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not valuable. Read all about it at DPS, and the next time you’re faced with a too-blue window or an overly-warm interior, put this custom color balance advice to work for you.

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