Cindy Sherman On Her Work

For any fans of fine art photography, this one will no doubt get your attention. It’s an in-depth interview with contemporary master photographer Cindy Sherman. Fans of Ms. Sherman know her work—all about identities and the self without being strictly self portraits—and they may also know that she rarely, if ever, sits for an interview. This one is especially neat for a few of the non-photographic things she discusses. No apertures and shutter speeds here. Instead, the photographer speaks to the UK’s Guardian newspaper of working in a male-dominated field, having her photography treated as art, and what it’s like to have a single image sell for upwards of one million dollars. It’s a bit of celebrity journalism, I suppose, but it so happens that the celebrity in question is a real honest-to-goodness artist and photographic icon. And that makes it an enjoyable read.

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