Cheat Sheets

I like cheat sheets. I have a customized cheat sheet to remind me of the specific gear I take on location. I have a cheat sheet taped to my studio strobe pack outlining a couple of unique setups I use for a couple of particular clients. I am not shy about putting together detailed cheat sheets if they will help me make better pictures. That’s exactly the idea behind a couple of cheat sheets put together by the DIY Photography blog. First they assembled a portrait lighting cheat sheet, in which they worked out in detail the lighting results they’d get from various lighting positions in relation to the subject’s face. It’s the sort of thing you’ll naturally pick up over time, but it can be immensely helpful when you’re getting started. That cheat sheet was such a rousing success, they created another one—this time, all about lighting modifiers. With this sheet a photographer can see the results achieved from a variety of strobe modifiers (like various sizes and configurations of umbrellas, softboxes and reflectors) on a portrait subject’s face. This one is especially valuable, even for experienced photographers. To be able to see the subtle differences achieved by different modifiers is invaluable. Best of all, both of these cheat sheets are available in downloadable and printable form from the DIY Photography site. lighting modifiers

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