Capturing History

Many news outlets have been running stories commemorating the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. CBS News and 60 Minutes recently ran a piece that, in actuality, is not strictly about the president. It really focused on Henry Grossman, the photographer who documented Mr. Kennedy during his 1960 campaign for office, and subsequently spent time photographing American icons like Muhammad Ali, Marilyn Monroe and, especially, the Beatles. The young photojournalist had unprecedented access to the young president, and ultimately to the Beatles throughout the duration of their career, documenting them from their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show to their final days in 1970—and befriending them in between. Mr. Grossman might be the most famous photographer you’ve never heard of. Through his lens, readers of Life and Time were granted an intimate look at some of the greatest icons of the 1960s. These 12 minutes are well worth a look.

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