Can Congress Regulate Photoshopping?

How’s that for a grabber of a headline? Can Congress really regulate digital imaging? I’m here to tell you that they  can, as long as the editing in question is tied to advertising. A recent Congressional briefing promotes a new bill that directs the Federal Trade Commission to find a way to solve the problem of misleading images used in advertising—the kind that are most often altered with Adobe’s image editing program, Photoshop (hence the term "Photoshopping" which, last I checked, Adobe hated.) Here’s a link to an interesting look at the briefing and the actually complex issue courtesy of author Simon Dumenco of Advertising Age. As he puts it, I’m not sure exactly where I stand because there are some interesting points on both sides (free speech vs. truth in advertising). Where advertising and consumer protection are concerned, though, all Congressional bets are off. Read more at

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