Camille Seaman's Cloudscapes

It’s awfully easy to think of only one type of beauty in the American landscape. To some it’s only found in the mountains and deserts of the West. But some see natural beauty in all areas of the country. Even in times of relative calm, there is a distinct beauty in the plains of the Midwest. But when a storm is rolling in, the landscape becomes amazing. Photographer Camille Seaman’s The Big Cloud series is a study of supercell storm clouds—some as large as 50 miles—and it is undeniably stunning. The contrast between the beauty and the frightening power of these storms gives the work a unique tension. Seaman says her work—which also includes an amazing study of icebergs that I personally find to be the most stunning of their kind—is all about helping to connect people to their environment and to consider it in ways they haven’t before. After viewing this gallery, visit her web site to see more of her work.

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