Cameras In Action

I recently saw this neat little video on the DPS blog. It’s by street photographer Eric Kim, who strapped a tiny GoPro video camera to his Leica’s hot shoe and took to the streets. A neat way to see how an actual street photographer works. I’m not at all disparaging Mr. Kim’s approach to photographing people on the street, but it did make me realize how differently he approaches his subjects than some other photographers I’ve seen from their cameras’ perspectives—like, for instance, James Nachtwey, who in the documentary "War Photographer" had a tiny video camera strapped to his camera as well. It too is a fascinating look at how a photographer works, made even more powerful when viewed from the perspective of his camera. It’s interesting that Mr. Kim tries to avoid eye contact and shoots quickly before moving on to another subject, while Mr. Nachtwey works in a more lingering, deliberate manner. Part of it may be the different subject matter, part of it is surely different shooting styles. Whatever the differences, and whichever approach you prefer, it’s extremely interesting to watch photographers work like this. Check out both videos via the links below.

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