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Camera Theft Statistics

Today’s post is about an unpleasant reality: equipment theft. If you own an expensive camera, or any camera for that matter, you probably don’t want it stolen. But it happens all too often. Anti-theft device-maker Lenstag compiled its data about where and when and how cameras are stolen, and made a really interesting infographic—part of which is displayed here. Did you know that you’re most likely to have your camera stolen out of your car? Or that Canons are more likely to be stolen than any other brand? It’s doubtful that Canon owners are less responsible than all the rest, but it’s an interesting statistic nonetheless. Same goes for the top three destinations where gear is reported stolen: London, Rome and Barcelona. I wouldn’t avoid these beautiful destinations just to keep my camera safe, but I might be a bit more cautious when I visit those locations. Anyway, check out the interesting statistics—and consider employing Lenstag to help keep your own gear safe—via the link below.

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