Buy Nikons, direct from Nikon

Well duh. Why didn’t I, or they, or any camera manufacturer for that matter, think of this sooner? I’m sure it’s got to do with all sorts of things I can’t comprehend regarding distributors and middlemen and contracts and such—after all, if you’ve sold Nikon cameras for 50 years you’re likely not happy with the company trying to cut you out. But what’s bad, or potentially bad, for retailers could be good, at least potentially, for us customers. Now you can buy Nikon gear, including refurbished and discounted items, direct from the manufacturer. I don’t think bricks and mortar retailers have too much to worry about because buying a camera is like buying a car—you’ve got to test drive the thing first. Holding a camera in your hands is still an ideal way to see what a camera is all about before you plunk down the money to purchase it. Still, if you know what you want, buying straight from the manufacturer does seem convenient. We’ll see how this all shakes out fairly soon, I’m sure.

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