Buy Bob O'Connor Prints

I’ve been a fan of the photography of Bob O’Connor since I first interviewed him a few years ago. He’s got a sublime style, and he makes beautiful, elegant, simple photographs of the most banal subjects. That banality is crucial to the success of his work, I think, because he makes beautiful images of these objects most of us would simply look right past. Now you can own a print of one of Bob’s beautiful Iceland images courtesy of the great site 20×200. The premise of the web site is simple: great art that regular people can afford. An edition of 200 8×10 prints of Bob’s image are available for $20 each. That’s what I call affordable art. (For those with deeper pockets, limited editions of larger sizes—such as two 30×40-inch prints for $2000—are also available.) Bob’s a great photographer, this is a great image, and it’s brought to you courtesy of a great web site. Hurry, while supplies last!


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