Build A Seamless Backdrop Storage System

I’ve always been happy with the homemade storage rack we made at my studio for our many 9-foot seamless paper rolls. It’s two horizontal 2x4s anchored to the wall, one at the ceiling and the other 9.5 feet lower, with little four-inch spikes of metal conduit protruding from the top and bottom that hold the paper easily and securely. But now that I see Rob Grimm’s method of storing paper—and, also, rolls of Rosco gels—I’m green (you might say Rosco #245 ½ Plus Green) with envy. Since my rolls of Rosco are stuffed into a bin that makes it tricky to find exactly the color I’m looking for, maybe I’ll have to employ this in my own studio—next to my paper roll storage system. If you’ve got a studio—even a makeshift one in your garage—this is the type of DIY ingenuity that comes in extremely handy.

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