Brave New Camera

Is smartphone photography changing the world? According to news outlet AFP, humans shot more than a trillion images in 2014, the vast majority of them coming from smartphones. That’s more pictures every minute than were made in the duration of the 19th century. Compared to just a few short years ago, photography is very different than it used to be. Some creative filmmakers are working on a new documentary that explores this brave new world of digital photography. They’re calling it "Brave New Camera," and they’re seeking funding for the project via Indiegogo. The folks at Vice’s Creators Project recently published an exclusive, brief interview with the filmmakers along with some tantalizing clips from the film. It touches on everything from our search for identity to the ways photographs are used to influence thought. It’s a very thoughtful piece, in fact, and I hope it gets seen by a wide audience. Check out The Creators Project via the first link below, then follow up with the film’s Indiegogo page and the web site for the film itself.

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