Black & White Film Style Presets

I loved shooting film, mostly because I loved the look of the finished product. I didn’t so much love the process itself. Or at least, once I had the opportunity to experience a digital workflow, I wasn’t especially sad to give up darkrooms and chemistry. So whenever I come across an opportunity to recreate some of the magic of film in the digital world, I pounce. Digital Photo Buzz sells downloadable image processing presets for Lightroom. I’ve got a few installed already, in fact. And now I’m going to have to purchase their new collection of Black And White Film Presets—especially while it’s still on sale for the ridiculously low price of $10. It includes 27 presets, encompassing everything from Agfa, Ilford and Kodak films, including special emulsions such as infrared. Even if these presets aren’t as awesome as the real thing, at the cost of a couple rolls of film it’s hard to go wrong. Hurry, while they’re still on sale.

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