Black & White Conversion Cheat Sheet

When I convert an image to black & white in Photoshop, I choose my method—from the dozens of different approaches available—practically on a whim. Then I do a lot of experimenting to arrive at a finished image that delivers the look I want. Well what if there was a better, faster and easier way—not a better way to convert to black & white, but a better way to determine which conversion method will work best for a given image? Well there is. It’s courtesy of the DIY Photography blog, where Ladislav Soukup has created a Photoshop document containing a bunch of preset conversion method thumbnails that can be used to preview your own image with the click of a mouse. Just open the cheat sheet in Photoshop, drop your image into the Smart Object layer, and in an instant you’ll see how these different conversions will look when applied to your image. What a resource, what a time-saver. What a great idea! Download it at

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