Best of World Cup photographs… so far.

Rob Galbraith does a remarkable job of pointing to great collections of photography online, and one of his favorite sources has also become one of mine—the Boston Globe’s Big Picture. Over the weekend, the Big Picture photo blog featured a gallery of phenomenal images from the biggest sporting event in the world at the moment, the World Cup. With so many opportunities for stunning sports action photography, what’s most interesting to me about the collection is how many of the images capture human moments surrounding the on-field action—athletes reacting with thrill and agony, fans expressing the same emotions, and generally the spectacle that draws the world’s focus for a few weeks every four years. It’s a great collection of images that work both to give a great picture of the event so far and as a model for aspiring photojournalists: sometimes the best way to tell the story is to turn your camera away from the obvious shots and look for something more.

AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti

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