Behind the Scenes Videos

One of my favorite things about the whole combo photo/video thing that we’ve had going on in recent months is how many photographers are creating behind the scenes videos of their processes for making still photographs. A couple of recent faves include Chase Jarvis’ link to a ìmaking ofî video that gives us a glimpse behind the scenes in a stop-motion stills shoot used as a Levi’s jeans commercial. Inspiring because it’s so simple and so darn great. On the other end of the spectrum is the big budget production, nothing shoestring about it, of a high-fashion photo shoot. That is exactly the video that Rachel Hulin recently linked to via her blog. It shows photographer Craig McDean in studio (well, at least in a makeshift studio via an old warehouse—sufficiently grungy to qualify for fashions requisite juxtaposition duty) working on an Oscar de la Renta shoot. This video is done in a little less of a "how to" fashion, but the artsty clip is still a pretty cool look behind the scenes at the making of a big time fashion spread. Both are inspiring videos and well worth a look. (Got your own favorite behind the scenes video? Let us know about it!)

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