Behind the Scenes Portraits

The Strobist blog has long offered behind the scenes glimpses of how professional photographers utilize strobe lighting to create interesting images. Photographer Brad Trent has turned his behind the scenes portraits into more than that – a saleable personal shooting style. Now the two have teamed up for a Strobist post showcasing Mr. Trent and his interesting images. You see, he once found himself shooting a portrait and feeling fed up with the “fake reality” of it all. The artificial lighting, the contrived poses, all the setup just to look “natural.” So he decided to stop hiding it, and he backed up to show how he created the scene. Not only do the resulting images offer a glimpse for other photographers as to how he lights his editorial portraits, they make an artistic comment about perception versus reality, real identity compared to the carefully crafted visual identity put forth in commercial portraiture. Better still, it’s a look that art buyers must appreciate because they hire him for that very look. It’s all quite interesting and worth a read over at the Strobist site.

Photograph © Brad Trent

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