Beautiful Watches, Beautiful Light

I teach a studio product photography class, and we were just discussing how to photography shiny objects. I explained to the students that unlike flat surfaces, when lighting a reflective surface you don’t light the surface itself, you light what it "sees." Treat a shiny surface like a mirror, and you’re on your way to total lighting control. One of the students showed me an example of some watches he had photographed. He’d lit the surfaces by pointing his flash straight at them. The resulting hotspots weren’t ideal, and I started explaining how a different type of light source would have worked better, I stumble upon this great post at Feature Shoot about photographer Guido Mocafico’s series of gorgeously photographed luxury watch movements. Guido has perfectly illustrated this theory, and the resulting images are both simple and beautiful. After taking a look, if you want to learn more… well maybe you just need to sign up for my class.

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