Beautiful Battery Caddy

I’ve been told that my obsession with batteries is unhealthy. Still… I just can’t help myself. I’m always on the lookout for a better battery, or a better charger, or a better system of organizing my batteries so that I can tell the difference between the dead ones and the charged ones. Well now I’ve found an ideal solution for that last problem courtesy of Scott Kelby. It’s the Personal Battery Caddy from Adorama, and I’ve just ordered a pair of my own. It’s the perfect place to keep AA flash batteries so that you know which ones are ready to go and which ones are dead. This is a problem that I know I’m always fighting with, and I’ve tried solutions ranging from rubber bands to plastic bags to gaff tape. With this new system I’ll probably leave the dead ones rolling around in the camera bag like I already do—I know, not brilliant—and I’ll know that the ones in the caddy are ready to go. Plus now I won’t have to worry about the charged ones slipping out and into that dead battery mix. A simple solution that’s sure to make my life easier.

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