Ban Boring Photo

When mother nature recently delivered a few inches of snow overnight, I woke up the next morning wanting to stick my camera out the front door to snap a shot of the lovely snow covered trees. As soon as I cracked the door, though, I was hit by a blast of cold air and the realization that I was about to make a really boring photograph. It reminded me of this video of a Denver TV anchor ranting about boring snow photos—which contains a useful lesson for photographers. Kyle Clark, of Denver’s NBC affiliate, created an editorial begging for more interesting photographs to be sent in the next time the station requests photos of snowfall, because he’s tired of the onslaught of uncreative porch photos—not unlike the one I was considering. The point that’s most helpful is spelled out right in the video when Clark says, "I know why we do it: it’s because it’s easy!" Eureka! The next time you’re getting ready to click the shutter, whatever the photo may be, ask yourself if you’ve seen this shot 1000 times before, or if you’re really putting in the simple effort necessary to make a good picture. If not, you should probably go ahead and skip it rather than just make some low-effort boring picture—the kind we’ve all seen plenty of before.

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