Ball Of Light Painting By Night

I’m usually very taken with light painting photographs. Perhaps it’s because the images are inherently photographic in nature; after all, you can’t make them in any other way. Maybe it’s just because the only way to actually see these effects (which the naked eye could never see) is to create them by painting with light and capturing them in a camera. Or perhaps it’s just because they’re often so fun, so whimsical and so unique. This group of images—which appear to be light painting in daylight although they’re actually made at night—are also appealing because of the photographer’s story. Denis Smith was stressed out and depressed before he starting making these ìball of lightî photographs, and he says they saved his life. Check out the amazing images, read Denis’ story, and watch a documentary video about the photographer and his process at the always entertaining Brain Pickings blog. Then go see more of his work at his own web site.

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