Autumn Sunrise Over Sneffels Range By Jason Hatfield

Jason Hatfield

“Autumn Sunrise Over Sneffels Range” was featured in Exit in the December 2016 issue of Digital Photo. Photographer Jason Hatfield says that the image “encompasses everything I love about Colorado during prime fall season—snow-covered peaks, golden aspens, fiery scrub oak and incredible light. Getting this shot was definitely a lot of persistence, though, as I’ve spent the past eight years visiting this area near Ridgway waiting for the right combination of light, clouds and peak foliage change. The aspens on the left tend to lose their leaves before the right side has changed much, but this year was exceptional, with great coverage of turned aspens on both sides of the valley.”

Hatfield captured the shot with a Sony a7R II and Zeiss 16-35mm ƒ/4 lens with settings at ƒ/13, ISO 100 and 1.3 second exposure. Hatfield says because of the incredible dynamic range of the a7R II, he only needed to capture one image—no blending or split ND filters were needed.

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