Au Revoir To Another Fine Film

I hate to interrupt the festive Holiday season with a down note, but amid all the excitement of advances in digital capture technology, it can be a downright sad and scary time for us owners of cameras that rely on film. In particular, it’s a sad time to use Polaroid pack films, as Fuji—the only current maker of the Type 100 breed of pack film—announced the discontinuation of one of the two films available in this format. The beloved high-speed black and white FP-3000B is going the way of the dodo bird. (Beloved, but by apparently too few photographers to make the film’s production a viable option.) I use Type 100 pack film in my Polaroid 600SE camera, so sure, I’m personally vested in wanting this great camera to remain useful. But more than that I’m sad that it’s getting in increasingly difficult to enjoy film photography in general—particularly the instant kind. So as we wind down the old year and enter a new one, pull those films that you love real close and tell them how much you love them—and maybe stock up on some extras of your favorites, just in case. They grow obsolete so fast.

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