Assistance From Eyeist

Are you considering making photography a profession? Even if you’re just dabbling as a part-time pro, there are quite a few tools designed to help photographers make the transition from hobbyist to professional. Some of them are the same tools that professionals use to help them improve their businesses as well. Today’s post is one of these tools that works wonderfully for both established professionals and those just beginning to give it a go. It’s called Eyeist, and I can’t wait to use it myself. Eyeist is an online photography review service. This type of portfolio review is invaluable when constructing a portfolio–be it a printed book or published solely online–because it can help you see your photographs through a new, impartial set of eyes. Typically you have to travel to a portfolio review in person, you pay some hefty fees, and the whole process can be fairly cumbersome and time consuming. So it’s surprising that nobody’s done this sooner and taken the whole process online–which is what makes Eyeist so great. What a perfect way to get some helpful, unbiased advice about your photography so that you can better present yourself as a professional. Have a visit to for more information.

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