Arnold Newman

Yesterday I mentioned the presentation I attended by Gregory Heisler. Part of what made it so great was that the photographer also went into great depth to tell us about his experience working for one of the greatest portraitists of the 20th century, Arnold Newman. Mr. Heisler clearly has the utmost respect for Mr. Newman, and as he showed us a few dozen of Mr. Newman’s most renowned photographs it became clear the influence Mr. Newman had on Mr. Heisler’s own work. And that reminded me of the influence Mr. Newman should have on everyone’s photographs. To that end, please let me direct you to a great and inspiring resource about Mr. Newman. It’s the Arnold Newman Archive, a collaboration of his heirs and his gallery, dedicated to carrying on the legacy of this great photographer. It’s perhaps the best online resource for information about the man and his work, and a little time spent studying the gallery is probably equivalent to a full year at a great photo school.

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